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Our Mission

At Emeritus Now, it is our mission to bring quality arts entertainment into your homes. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken so much from so many that at Emeritus Now, we refuse to allow it to bring our spirits down. We are determined to bring music into your homes and your hearts through online video concerts filled with music and dialogue that will keep audiences engaged and entertained.


Our video concerts bring music and fun back into your homes safely. We encourage our audience to sing along, take part in trivia questions and enjoy a variety of genres in music that we hope will inspire, support and bring comfort to all who listen.

What we offer...

At Emeritus Now we offer you a variety of interactive and enjoyable concert videos to bring joy to your day and music to your ears. 

What you get:

  • Concert video rental for 72 hours. If you require a longer rental please contact us directly at (at no additional cost)

  • Unlimited plays for the duration of your rental period to accomodate multiple showings

  • The ability to play from multiple devices to accomodate multiple viewings at the same time in different spaces

  • In home entertainment brought to you in an intimate and safe way

  • A relaxing afternoon that inspires, informs, and engages audiences through a digital platform

Payment Options:

  • Pay online - just click the video you would like and hit "rent" to purchase with any major credit card 

  • You may also e-mail us to request an invoice and other payment options

What we offer
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